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Participating in this project means belonging to a virtual community of people interested in getting to know how to promote the participation of people with disabilities in society.

You can participate in this study by registering on the website and accessing our virtual community. In your personal area, you will find several questionnaires that will help us find out more about the factors that facilitate and hinder the participation of people with disabilities in society, as well as come up with innovative solutions that enable everyone to participate on equal terms.

You can also participate in a discussion forum where you can share your experiences with other users.    

Anyone of legal age with a disability, based in Spain or Andorra.

Support persons (personal assistant, life translator, family member, friend…) who register and answer the questions on behalf of a person with a disability can also participate.

  • Finding out what can help you increase your participation and do so with equal opportunities.
  • Understanding the global situation on your participation in society.
  • Collectively identifying the elements that hinder and facilitate participation in each person’s experience of disability.
  • Participating in the discussion forums, where you can add your voice, report situations and provide solutions, fostering peer support.
  • Getting advice and information on good practices that can help you live better in your daily life.
  • Having more information, more resources and empowering yourself to participate fully in society.
  • Collaborate in building a more inclusive society!

The data collected in this study will be stored safely and confidentially, in accordance with current regulations on data protection. This information will be analyzed for scientific purposes only, always anonymously, and under no circumstance will it be provided to third parties for commercial or advertising purposes.

As the project progresses, the principal researchers will communicate and disseminate findings through different channels; on the one hand, the most important advances will be updated through the project website, and events open to the public will be held to let everyone know how the project is progressing. Likewise, the researchers will present the most relevant results at the project’s scientific meetings.

The Institut Guttmann Foundation with the collaboration of the entities that take part in the social and participation board and other entities in the field of disability.

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