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21 december 2023
Frontiers in Psychology
The main conclusion of the study is that the level of independent living, self-determination and satisfaction with participation are fundamental aspects to promote a high quality of life and emotional well-being of people with disabilities. These findings have significant implications for health and social services as well as public policy guidelines, highlighting the need to prioritize empowerment and self-determination in all interventions designed for people with disabilities.
Blanca Cegarra; Gabriele Cattaneo; Alina Ribes; Javier Solana Sánchez & Joan Saurí
13 december 2023
Revista Española de Discapacidad vol. 11 núm. 2
Interpersonal relationships are fundamental in the life of any person and are closely associated with a better quality of life and emotional well-being. The PARTICIPA project of the Institut Guttmann (Cegarra and Saurí, 2021) analyzes, among other issues, the barriers that people with disabilities experience when interacting with people in their environment.
Blanca Cegarra Dueñas, Alina Ribes Martinez-Marquez y Joan Saurí Ruiz
Marc Navarro BerenguelResults